Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Too Hilarious

My last post was responded to on Cheat Seeking Missiles. Here was the full text:

"You've got religion, Yangtree, and there will be no converting you. By the way, the organizations you cite for your documentation are just as biased as the ones Inhofe used."

Wow. That is too funny. His original post made the claim that, "The NAS report confirmed criticisms leveled against the hockey stick," and my post used quotes exclusively from that very NAS report to show that contention was incorrect and not factually based. His only response (and this was a comment by the original poster) was to then question my source, which was actually the basis for his article's original contentions. I guess you could say, in a way, that my sources are "just as biased" since they are the same source that he used. The only difference is that the NAS report actually said the things that I claimed. I'm not sure where a person who just tried (and failed) to use a source as evidence turns around and claims that the source is biased gets off, but I think it's the same place where the short bus stops.


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