Sunday, September 10, 2006


Supposed Global Warming Across the Solar System

There have been claims that global warming is happening solar-system-wide and thus must be caused by an external factor to earth. Let's examine those claims critically.

First, let's state what should be obvious. There is little that all the planets in the solar system have in common that influences their climates. The composition of the planets is very different, as is their size, distance from the sun, and atmosphere. The one thing that could definitely influence the global temperature on all the planets is the sun's output. However, the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, probably the most widely respected solar research facility in the world, has shown that the sun's radiation has remained fairly constant since 1940, while global temperatures on earth have spiked. As they have summarized this data:"Studies at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research reveal: solar activity affects the climate but plays only a minor role in the current global warming."

Now let's look at each one of the planets and moons that "global warming" is said to be happening on:

Jupiter -- It's not experiencing global warming at all, but it is experiencing global climate change. "This will create a big wall and stop the mixing of heat and airflow, the thinking goes. As a result, areas around the equator become warmer, while the poles can start to cool down." This is a result of "movement of heat from the equator to Jupiter's south pole". In order for one to claim "global warming" it should actually be warming that is occurring globally.

Triton -- "There are two possible explanations for the moon's warmer weather. One is that the frost pattern on Triton's surface may have changed over the years, absorbing more and more of the sun's warmth. The other is that changes in reflectivity of Triton's ice may have caused it to absorb more heat." Neither reason is relevant to Earth's situation or warming.

Enceladus -- I don't even know why this one was listed. It's not experiencing a change, the Cassini probe determined that there were unexpected "warm fractures" on the surface, leading scientists to conclude that there is a "strong indication that internal heat is leaking out of Enceladus and warming the surface along these fractures." This one is the ultimate red herring. It's not a climate change, but a new discovery. It's localized on the surface to certain areas, not a global phenomenon. What is happening has no relevance to earth.

Saturn The original article above states that, "Saturn itself has a rather warm southern pole, and the temperatures in that region suddenly jumped by 3-5 Kelvin degrees." This is a misinterpretation of the linked article. The abrupt temperature change is not over time, it's over distance, "Temperatures increase toward the pole abruptly near 70 degrees latitude from 88 to 89 Kelvin (-301° to -299°F) and then to 91 Kelvin (-296° F) right at the pole. Near 70 degrees latitude, the stratospheric temperature increases even more abruptly from 146 to 150 Kelvin (-197° to -189°F) and then again to 151 Kelvin (-188°F) right at the pole." Of course, again, even this is a regional phenomenon.

Pluto -- "The change is likely a seasonal event, much as seasons on Earth change as the hemispheres alter their inclination to the Sun during the planet's annual orbit."

Mars -- The changes observed to Mars ice caps are fairly recent, localized, seasonal change on Mars. It's not a planet-wide trend there. The South Polar Icecap is the only area affected.

Venus -- The inclusion of this one is extra bizarre. Once again, no change is stated or even implied, so what is the point? Yes, Venus has a hot climate due to the greenhouse effect. This would seem to be more of a cautionary tale as to what our planet is moving towards if we release gases and create an atmosphere that traps increased amounts of solar radiation.


There is another explanation given for Triton's warming. It's summertime!

"The moon is approaching an extreme southern summer, a season that occurs every few hundred years. During this special time, the moon's southern hemisphere receives more direct sunlight. The equivalent on Earth would be having the sun directly overhead at noon north of Lake Superior during a northern summer."
Anybody claiming to be a scientist who discusses solar system changes in other planets as well as earth, cannot be honestly representing the issue if they leave out all the metric tons of spectronomy data that exists for these objects.

Infra red, radio, visible, microwave spectronomy is accurate, reliable, easy way to determine that composition and temperatures of planets and moons.

It's fifth grade science project to use spectronomy on the sun and determine its composition.

So anyone leaving out this data is a pig liar... deceiving parasite.

And if you leave out the helium cloud we are swamped by, creating record KP index readings, can't increase total earth absorbing irradiance, you need to go back to school and research the Ulysses data where this helium wind is inbound and creating its own IMF...

So all you deceivers... I will be waiting on the steps of the gallows for the lies you have fed humanity to there demise!!! Hanging time!
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