Sunday, September 10, 2006


Lee Corso Has a Baby Arm

I'm not a big college football fan, but a fan’s sign displayed during the Texas/Ohio State halftime intrigued me. Long time sportscaster Lee Corso was doing his normal spiel on how the game had gone so far and what we could expect to see in the second half. All the time he was talking, a fan a few rows behind him held up a sign that said, "Lee Corso has a Baby Arm". No one watching the game had any idea what this meant. Were they saying Corso threw a football like a baby? That his arm was weak and flopped about with poor motor control? That the police needed to be alerted to a piece of a child's anatomy that he was storing in his refrigerator? Perhaps the bottom of the sign was cut off and it referred to a baby armadillo that Corso had as a pet.

After getting home and relating this story, one of my housemates did a little research and found this meaning for "baby arm"

Baby's Arm -- Noun. A penis of exceptional length and girth. Resembling the arm of a large infant child.

Now that I understood what the sign was intending to convey, the only question remaining was why. Apparently, Corso once blew up on the air during an interview when a joke was made that he posed naked for Cosmo (with disturbing photoshopped picture). The joke was made because he had roomed with Burt Reynolds in college, who did pose naked for that magazine. Apparently, Corso has been taunted by fans ever since over his sensitivity on this matter.

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